WoD take 2

A new mini story for the latest WoD campaing I’m playing.

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As the last brick is put into the wall no one would guess that just a few days ago a werewolf and a vampire had come crashing through it. For them to come through this specific wall hadn’t been the plan, in fact I’m fairly sure that at the very moment of the crash the only plan for either of them were the rip out the other ones through. But crash here they did and as they did so a string of event started that somehow lead up to me being in agreement with some sort of non-human to take care of the place. Because whatever shook my hand; I know he were something else then a regular human. The promise we made weren’t just for my involvement, it were for the whole little gang I suppose I’m part of. I know the changeling would disagree, that he surly said no yes, and I suppose he has a point. I made the call to say yes so, really, it’s on me to make sure this thing don’t come back to bite us. (But to be honest – these sorts of deals ALWAYS come back to bite you.)

And so I start to collect the tools I used to fix the wall. It’s time to head back to the hotel. There is just a few hours left before the sun disappears and the start of dusk tend to bring the first client along – who will want either a room or a bullet in someone else’s brain (or whatever would kill the target.) I secure both the doors to the building and the fence surrounding it with newly bought chains and padlocks, the expensive kind. It won’t stop someone who really wants in but will keep most petty crooks out. The chains is just one step of the things I plan, I’m still waiting for an answer on my query for a proper trespassing alarm – working on getting something installed that could give an alert through my phone. Of course both buying the product and the installation must be done without anyone noticing it. After this place is supposed to be abandoned – having visible surveillance isn’t an option, especially since I highly doubt that the ones I work for really owns the place. To get that done I has put the question to a contact that might be able to get hold off what I need, a contact that tend to not care to much about laws and regulations.

And so the van gets finished loading and I’m ready to leave, just one stop on the way before I can head for the hotel.

I pull up the car a few blocks from my destination, get out and start walking. The client had expressed a high need for discretion, which is common in this kind of work. I do the classic moves to lose potential followers and keep an eye for look outs. The streets are more or less empty and in the end I stand in front of a small door on the address which is my destination. The door hangs a little askew and looks frail and torn, but fits well with the appearance on the buildings on the block. But the frailty of the door is just looks with the lock being in a safely class above average. But with the key, which I have, it opens easy.

The inside is made up by just one room, filled from floor to top, on all three walls with numbered mail boxes. I find the number I’m looking for – 538. I put the key inside the already prepared envelope, which makes a small clang when it hit the pendant already inside. The pendant belonged to the target and dropping it off here will work as the recite in this specific job.

I lose the envelope in the small slit in the mail box and it disappearing from my reach. It had been one of my easier jobs in this town when it came to the practicalities of the execution, but the morality of it’s a bit sketchy. However she was supposed to take care of the kids at her work not offering them up as a bufé. The kindergarten she worked open 24/7, for the families that had the money to support child care of the office hours. For this specific teacher that was a golden opportunity to get a little extra on the side – by letting one of the cities vamps come by for a bite now and then. One could of course argue the damage were minimal as the kids affected neither remembered it afterwards nor got enough blood sucked out for it to be a health hazard. But then again, anything with kids complicates things.

My client didn’t order the job out of the goodness of her heart though. The client, another vampire, ordered the hit because of power play. She had the kid eater had some sort of history, the details why a bit fuzzy, I zoned out during the explanation. Now the only question left is if the retaliation that will surely come after this will be carried out at me or by me.