Something a little different…

Tomorrow I will start playing a new World of Darkness campaign. It will be a mixed group with different types of creatures from the setting. There are going to be werewolfs, a changeling and a mage and then my character; a hunter.

So below the cut isn’t a picture but a short, written story with my rp character. (Also beware, as always, spelling and grammar mistakes)





”I would like a room please…” The one asking the question is a vampire. She hasn’t said it of course, there is no need to, besides the word they use for themselves are Kindred, whatever difference that makes. Also she has that “pale” look. Not that pale is the best word for it really, just because you become a blood sucking undead don’t mean you lose the color of your skin, that’s not how it works. But no matter what skin tone you start with as soon as your body come back to “life” again there is just that lite something that makes the skin give an impression of being more like a plastic bag then proper skin. Or something, it can’t be explained really. Either you can or you can’t see the difference. Me? I have met more vampires than most and even though some vamps miss the plastic bag look, the once who have it always sticks out like a sore thumb.

“Are there any free ones..?” There’s a touch of desperation in her voice and even the body language is that of a clearly unsettled being. That tells me she’s a newly made one. Once they get a little older the signs of nervousness, fear and anxiety always fade. The ones that can’t keep a neutral mannerism tend to lose the “un” from undead before long. But even more telling is the eyes, nothing give away the youth of her new state of existing then the fact that she looks at me like we’re equal beings. That’s also something that always disappears on them, sooner or later. If you occasionally can spot a vampire by the skin you always check their age by looking into the eyes. The more it feels like you’re looking into the abyss, the older they are.

“I got free room; you can it for as long as you please.” I answere without needing to look at the bookings. We’re rarely without any guest but even with just five rooms we tend to never be full either.
“Oh tha-“
“But the boy can’t stay with you.” Renting rooms to the supernatural you tend to see some strange shit and never before have a newly made vampire asked for a room while holding a two-or something- year old kid. The kid seems to be more or less asleep in the vampire’s arm, that’s not the strange part though considering that it’s way past the bed time for most children that age. Still, the way she holds him is still tender and protective, that’s strange. Is it her real child?

“Please, I can’t leave him! I can’t! He’s too young to be alone.” Caring, empathic and worried – yeah this really is a newly made one. Still, can’t let her take the kid up to the room. Newly made ones isn’t without the thirst and I bet she hasn’t feed for a while. Despite whatever else she is feeling she can’t help but sniff him once in a while – that’s never a good sign. Also the newly feed tend to have a little more blush in their checks, she lacks any. If both of them go up to the same room I can be rather sure only one will check out. It’s not like that scenario hasn’t happened before. But then the human is, or at least seems to be, of legal age. But a two year old, that’s just not right.

“Sorry lady. You will get him back when you check out but while you here I can’t leave you two alone.” She doesn’t protest, not with words anyway. Maybe she it’s that even though she don’t trust me with the boy, she trust herself even less.
“You are of course free to look for somewhere else to stay. The access to absolutely sun prof room in other places can be a bit limited though.” And so she makes a decision and gives the cash for a day.

And so we do the usual. I give her the key; show her the minibar in the room, filled with a few blood packs. The only times those get used are the times there isn’t a living source nearby. Then before she is left alone she kisses the boy and hugs him and tells him that he has to be good and that he is safe all that stuff. As the door closes wonder I how much safer option staying with me really is. Still, might be a step up then hanging out with a newly made vamp even though I wouldn’t really say my surroundings are kid safe. But as long as he doesn’t get hold off anything from the weapon stash we should be fine for just one day.